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0201 Inch Audio Line Noise Filter Chip For Smartphones

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0201 Inch Audio Line Noise Filter Chip For Smartphones

Recognising the importance of high sound quality in smartphones and portable audio devices, Murata has revealed what is supposedly the smallest size audio line noise filters. Mass production of these products began in January 2018.

The new NFZ03SG_SN series noise suppression filters feature a size of 0201 inch (0.6×0.3mm)

The company boasted that the new filters utilise the firm’s proprietary material technology to suppress audio distortion that occurs when audio circuits are used, in order to efficiently eliminate noise while maintaining high sound quality.

Key specs include:

  • 330 to 1600 ohm at 900 MHz
  • Designed to have an impedance peak at communication frequencies
  • 0.6 x 0.3 mm size

Read the Press release: https://www.murata.com/en-us/about/newsroom/news/product/emc/2018/0206 

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