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Op-amps Reject Noise In EVs/HEVs

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ROHM is offering new automotive op-amps that claim exceptional noise immunity to eliminate the need for noise countermeasures − thus significantly reducing design load and increasing reliability. The new op-amps are ideally suited for electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).

According to ROHM, the new BA8290xYxx-C series not only reduce the number of components required for noise suppression (three RC filters for input, output and power supply), but also meet noise-related challenges in the development of automotive electrical systems, whilst contributing to lighter design load and higher reliability.

“The new op-amps suppress output voltage fluctuations in all frequency bands to less than ±1%, compared to ±3.5% to ±10% with conventional products”, says ROHM.

Additional applications include: EV/HEV inverters, ECUs, automatic gearboxes, electric power steering, automotive lamps, car A/C, EV chargers, car navigation, combination switches, and other vehicle electronical systems and circuits affected by noise.

The BA8290xYxx-C series is AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications. It is characterised by a low current consumption of 0.5mA (BA82904YF-C/BA82904YFVM-C) and/or 0.7mA (BA82902YF-C/BA82902YFVM-C).

The ICs are available in four versions with two or four op-amps and a supply voltage range from 3.0V to 36V. Their input offset voltage is typically around ±2mV and/or a maximum of ±6mV, the input voltage range between VEE and VCC-1.5V.

The operating temperature range is –40°C to +125°C.

As package versions, SOP8 (BA82904YF), MSOP8 (BA82904YFVM-C), SOP14 (BA82902YF-C) and SSOP-B14 (BA82902YFVM-C) are available. The pin-compatible packages facilitate easy replacement with existing standard products.

ROHM said it will supply high noise immunity op-amps for the industrial market in future.

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