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Renesas Sets Up ‘New Energy Vehicle Solution’ Center To Foster Innovation In NEVs

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To work on the development of semiconductor solutions for use in new energy vehicles (NEVs) for Chinese market, Renesas has established a “New Energy Vehicle Solution Center” on November 1, 2017, directly under the China Business Unit.

China has positioned EVs, PHVs, and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) as “NEVs” and considers the sector to be a strategic national industry. The Chinese government has also announced a policy aimed at expanding both production and sales of NEVs to two million units per year by 2020.

Thus, Renesas recognizes China as the world’s largest market for NEVs and an advanced market for NEV development. In pursuit of this, Renesas has established a new organization in order to actively engage in local innovation and market opportunities.

In the Press release, Renesas stated that the new center will work in an agile, flexible manner to advance efforts in the Chinese market and will operate directly under the China Business Unit, which was set up in March 2017 with the aim of unifying in a single business unit sales, marketing, design and development, and manufacturing functions for the Chinese market.

In November 2015, Renesas announced a strategic partnership with National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), a Swedish company in which the Chinese government holds a majority investment, and in May 2017 Renesas also entered a strategic partnership with Great Wall Motors, China’s largest manufacturer of SUVs and pick-up trucks.

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