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TIC022-MUX/SR Brings Advanced Interface for Embedded JTAG Solutions

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Goepel Electronic has released a new TAP interface card (network card) called TIC022-MUX/SR for operations with the embedded JTAG solution platform SCANFLEX. The new development serves as an interface for performing various programs and tests and can also be integrated into others test systems.

The TIC022 board comes with support for multiplexed operations using external debugger or emulator. In addition to using embedded JTAG, it also includes certain protocol-focused features such as BDM (Background Debug Mode), SWD (Serial Wire Debug) and SBW (Spy-Bi-Wire). The module is touted to optimally adapt to a respective UUT (unit under test) with a wide voltage range.

All signals to the UUT are electrically isolated and operation is possible over distances of up to four meters. The board’s compatibility with other TIC modules like TIC022 and TIC12 and the complete support of the software platform SYSTEM CASCON give the user a future-proof test system. Moreover, this can be extended to new emulation protocols at any time through integrated firmware updates.

Jena, Germany-headquartered Goepel Electronic deals with test and inspection solution for PCBAs (print circuit board assemblies) and electronic device and systems.

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