Compact NTC Thermistor For Consumer/Automotive Equipment


Murata has improved its NXF series of thermal string type NTC thermistors with flexible leads. Applications include automotive onboard equipment and consumer equipment.

The NXF series sensors are used for detecting and measuring temperature. These sensors are said to feature one of the industry’s smallest sensor heads, realizing compact size and fast thermal response.

The new thermistor is claimed to have 25% faster thermal response compared to the previous model. This, according to the firm, has been realized by selecting an appropriate wire material and internal construction. It is thus optimum for detecting the temperature at a point separate from the PC board, and also as a temperature sensor for assemblies.

The NXF series is commercialized as a new type (NXF*15******E*****). Production is scheduled to commence in September 2017.

To view the full Press release, click here.

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