150W AC-DC Reference Design For Stunningly Thin TVs and Laptops


Navitas Semiconductor has unveiled a 150W AC-DC reference design utilizing GaN power ICs. The design can be adapted over a power range of 85-500W to enable a new class of converters for making ultra-thin LED TVs, fast-charging laptop adapters, high-density gaming systems, all-in-one PCs and any other systems seeking high-density or high efficiency power solutions.

The NVE021A reference design offers 21 W/in3 and at over 95% efficiency, making it 2x smaller than typical commercial designs and 40% smaller than previous product, claims the firm.

Navitas GaN Power ICs enable high-frequency switching to shrink passive components. Soft-switching critical-conduction mode (CrCM) PFC and LLC DC-DC stages operate at working frequencies up to 300 kHz (600 kHz during start-up, burst mode). This is the fastest-possible speed provided by off-the-shelf controller ICs available today, says the company.

Commenting about the new reference design, Stephen Oliver, the company’s Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, said, “Navitas GaN Power ICs enable breakthrough adapter performance in small size and high efficiency with simple, practical and economical designs. Silicon-based designs are slow, bulky and heavy. This reference design is the first in a series that will demonstrate how new GaN power ICs can increase frequencies 5x or more with efficiencies of 95%, enabling a 3-5x increase in power densities for a broad range of AC-DC applications”.

The NVE021A (150W, AC to 12V DC) is immediately available direct from Navitas at a price of $465 each, which includes a comprehensive user guide / test report with all schematic and layout design files, plus bill of material.

For further details,view the full Press release.



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