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Waterproof DALI LED Driver For Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

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Waterproof DALI LED Driver For Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

Euchips announced a new waterproof DALI constant current LED dimmable driver EUP50D-1H400C-0WP. It can be used for indoor applications as well as outdoor applications, such as street light, flood light, high bay light, etc.

The output power is 50W and the output current is 1400mA. The waterproof level is IP65.

This product is customizable according to users’ requirement. It complies with DALI standard IEC62386, connects with DALI master controller and supports TouchDIM to realize the smooth dimming effect.

This DALI driver adopts active PFC function. The power factor is above 0.95. The efficiency is 86%. At full load, the THD is less than 10%.

Besides, this DALI driver comes with three protections – short circuit, overload, over temperature.

The lighting effect is perfect with 1% dimming depth. The dimming range is 1~100%.

For further details, click here.

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