Solid-state Battery Outshines Li-Ion Tech To Realise the Dream Of Energy-harvesting Apps


Solid-state battery technology firm Ilika announced a new 180-µAh, coin-cell sized solid state battery which offers extremely low leakage and supports extended temperature range making it ideal for energy-scavenging applications that need to operate for years without a battery change. Applications supported by the Stereax P180 include aerospace, automotive and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that require extended temperature ranges from -40°C up to +150°C.

Relative to standard lithium ion batteries, Stereax P180 solid state battery is claimed to have lower leakage currents (10x smaller) and longer life spans, up to 10 years (5x longer). They can also be integrated with other electronic components enabling the product to be kept as small as possible.

The new battery has followed the launch of ‘Stereax M250’ solid-state battery in April 2016, which focused on miniaturisation of the solid-state battery technology. The new battery offers benefits including miniaturisation and energy density, along with the additional benefits of support for extended temperature ranges from -40°C up to +150°C.

This extended range is required for many applications which require always on, self-charging wireless sensor nodes in high-temperature and hostile environments such as industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and automotive.

There is a growing trend towards digitising industrial processes which has created a growing requirement for components with enhanced tolerance to temperature, moisture and vibration, the firm stated.

The firm claimed that solid-state batteries offer more stable, energy-efficient, reliable battery technology that could be used in conjunction with all current energy harvesting technologies. They also enable self-sustaining power sources that did not need to be changed regularly or use additional expensive cabling.

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“For industries like ours gathering more manufacturing and in-service maintenance information on our products enables us to improve operational efficiency as it enables full life cycle traceability and visibility from manufacture through to disposal” said Keith Jackson, CTO Meggitt PLC. “Miniature, ultra-low maintenance batteries are an essential building block to the required increased instrumentation of the build and maintenance processes, both for new and retro fit capabilities”.

The image shows Ilika’s Stereax P180 battery in tiny sensor packages that contain the battery, sensor, Bluetooth module, battery management IC and a photovoltaic panel.

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