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Sound Processor Offers High-quality Car Audio

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ROHM New Car Audio Sound Processor

To address the increasing demand of high sound quality car audio systems, ROHM has launched a new audio sound processor which performs volume adjustment and audio mixing for car audio and navigation systems.

Utilising the firm’s proprietary sound quality design technology, the new BD34602FS-M is said to feature a low 0.004% distortion and 3.1uVrms floor noise during volume attenuation.

These characteristics, according to ROHM, make it possible to extract the full data from sound sources, improving spatial representation (location of sound source and perceived distance). This leads to improved car audio quality, while promoting the adoption of high resolution sound sources and a reduction in cabin noise.

An interrupt function (mixing) for both voice navigation and hands-free modes is built in. When turning mixing ON/OFF unwanted popping noise may occur. The new chip is claimed to minimise these popping noises utilising original advanced switching technology.

Samples and OEM quantities of the device are available. For further details, view the full Press release.

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