Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Transmits At 720 kbps & Upto 300m


A new Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle by SE Spezial-Electronic offers an extraordinary high range of up to 300 m in the open field and high data transmission rates of up to 720 kbit/s, suiting it as a transmitter and receiver adapter for cable industrial and medical systems.

The USB stick is equipped with an integrated BluetoothStack, which allows simultaneous operation of Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows the SE Skipper UBT21-1 to function as a local Bluetooth Smart Gateway for the Internet of things, without having to access the functions of the Bluetooth stack in the host computer.

“With the help of a multiplex protocol (EDM), the dongle is able to manage up to seven individual Bluetooth links at the same time independently of the respective operating system and external radio drivers”, according to the company.

Another serious advantage for equipment manufacturers and embroidery users is that both the entire protocol processing as well as the storage of the configuration in the stick itself take place with the SE Skipper UBT21-1.

The company offers a graphical Windows-based configuration software “SPA Toolbox” as well as an application programming interface (API), which can be easily integrated into application-specific software programs.

Once pre-programmed according to the requirements profile of the respective customer, no further configuration effort is required for the user.

The computer – whether it is a PC, a laptop or an embedded board – must have a free USB interface. Suitable drivers for the virtual COM port are available for all common operating systems.

The product is specified for an industrial ambient temperature range of -30 to + 70 ° C. It complies with the EMC requirements of IEC 60601-1-1-2 (2007) and has already been certified as a final product for Europe (CE / R & TTE), Canada (IC), USA (FCC) and Japan (TELEC). Approvals for Brazil (Anatel) and Australia (RCM) are requested.

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For further details, view the full Press release.


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