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10 W Embedded Power Supply Design For Appliances

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10 W Embedded Power Supply Design For Appliances

Here is a new 10 W reference design for small and large appliance supplies. This new single output 20 V, 500 mA embedded power supply from Power Integrations (PI) has a high level of component integration, high power density, efficiency, and configurability.

The design leverages LinkSwitch-CV, an off-line switcher with accurate primary-side constant-voltage (CV) control. The device dramatically simplifies low power power supply design by eliminating an optocoupler and secondary control circuitry.

“This design shows the high power density and efficiency that is possible due to the high level of integration while still providing exceptional performance”, stated the firm.

Click here to view complete details including the power supply specification, schematic, bill of materials, transformer documentation, printed circuit layout, and performance data.

For full Press release, click here.

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