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Robust & Space-saving “Opamps and Comparators” For Automobiles

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Robust & Space-saving “Opamps and Comparators” For Automobiles

STMicroelectronics has introduced new automotive op amps and comparators which not only help miniaturize automotive ECUs with a space-saving MiniSO8 package, but also ensure robust performance for systems deployed in the most extreme temperature environments including under-the-hood electronics such as engine controllers, in-gearbox modules, LED-lighting controllers, and safety-critical systems such as ABS controllers.

The LM2904WHYST dual op amp and LM2903WHYST dual comparator in 4.9mm x 3.0mm MiniSO8 are qualified for AEC-Q100 Grade-0 and can operate from -40°C to 150°C, with the added advantage of 50% smaller footprint than other Grade-0 parts in standard SO8.

In adddition, the devices also offer benchmark performance in metrics including input bias current, input offset voltage, current consumption, and supply-voltage range.

The LM2904WHYST and LM2903WHYST are in production now, priced from $0.76 for orders of 1000 pieces.

For further information, view the full Press release.

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