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How To Create A Working IoT Sensor In One Month?

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How To Create A Working IoT Sensor In One Month?

Are you fond of developing IoT sensor applications? Want to produce a working IoT system in just one month? Here’s an innovative IoT reference system from Cadence and ARM which claims to reduce the time to market of ARM-based IoT devices to just one month.

The new IoT IP reference sub-system contains a processor and a set of peripherals that are typical for IoT sensors. Thus, the engineering effort is spent configuring the system, connecting the data stream to the cloud, and developing the solution applications.

The system is available as an FPGA development board, peripherals including a touch screen, and soft IP image as described in the video here.

ARM says it will design to silicon, producing a chip in TSMC 55ULP and a board. The first demo using this board is for a Bluetooth smartphone application, as shown in a video.

For further details, click here.

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