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IGBT Pre-Driver Boosts Fuel-Efficiency In Electric Vehicles

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IGBT Pre-Driver Boosts Fuel-Efficiency In Electric Vehicles

Toshiba recently launched an IGBT gate pre-driver chip for efficient control of the inverters of electric and hybrid vehicles. The tiny chip is claimed to offer efficient IGBT driving with various built-in protective functions, claims the company.

The new chip TB9150FNG integrates a photocoupler that isolates control and drive functions since they have different operating voltages. Also included are highly-precise IGBT temperature detection, a flyback transformer controller and a short circuit detection (current sense and DESAT monitor) for system downsizing.

A flyback transformer control circuit in the primary side supplies power to the secondary side while maintaining isolation. A soft-start function secures smooth start-up when turning on power to the circuit, avoiding current overload.

The chip optimises performance with highly-precise monitoring ot the IGBT’s operating temperature, contributing both to downsizing of the IGBT and improved fuel consumption of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Other in-built functions inlcude monitoring of power supply, output, current and voltage of the IGBT. A main controller is informed of any detected abnormality via an SPI interface.

Sample are available, with mass production scheduled to start in 2018. The chip will be showcased at “TECHNO-FRONTIER 2016” to be held from 20 to 22 April at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

For more information, view the full Press release.

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