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Step-Down Regulator To Design Negative Output Power Supplies

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Step-Down Regulator To Design Negative Output Power Supplies

Linear tehnology announced a high efficiency 60V step-down regulator for negative output voltage supplies. Its wide input and output voltage ranges make it ideal for a wide range of test, measurement and industrial applications. Examples include telecom power supplies and distributed power systems.

The device operates from an input voltage range of 3.4V to 60V and provides an adjustable output voltage from 0V to -28V, while delivering up to 4A of continuous output current.

The regulator features a single resistor programmable output voltage and high efficiency over a wide VOUT range. The switching frequency is also set with an external resistor. A user-selectable mode input is provided to allow the user to trade off ripple noise for efficiency at light loads.

Burst Mode operation provides the highest efficiency at light loads, while forced continuous mode provides low output ripple for noise sensitive applications. The LTC7149 offers ±0.8 per cent output voltage accuracy. Its switching frequency is user programmable from 300kHz to 3MHz, enabling the use of tiny, low cost capacitors and inductors.

Additional features include a power good voltage monitor, programmable wire drop compensation, external synchronization capability and thermal protection.

Two industrial grade versions, the LTC7149IUFD and LTC7149IFE, are available in a 4mm x 5mm QFN-28 and a 28-lead, thermally enhanced TSSOP package, respectively. The devices are specified for operation over the -40°C to 125°C temperature range.

All versions are available from stock. For further details, view the full Press release.

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