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New 100V MOSFET Is More Efficient & Reliable

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New 100V MOSFET Is More Efficient & Reliable

Fairchild announced a new 100V N-channel power MOSFET in its latest 100V PowerTrench MOSFET series. The FDMS86181 delivers substantial improvements in efficiency, reduces voltage ringing and lowers electromagnetic interference (EMI) for power supplies, motor drives and other applications requiring a 100V MOSFET.

“Our new 100V N-channel FET is a major advance over our previous, industry-leading generation of PowerTrench MOSFETs, and performs dramatically better than its competitors in virtually every performance category, from efficiency through reliability,” said Suman Narayan, Vice President and General Manager of Fairchild’s iFET business unit.

The MOSFET allows designers to both reduce product size and bill-of-materials (BOM) costs. The device lowers conduction losses with 40 per cent reduction in Rdson while its minimized gate charge (Qg) reduces switching losses. Voltage overshoots that cause ringing are eliminated, which allow for the reduction or elimination of snubbers in product designs and reduce EMI.

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