Power Converter Handles 48V Li-Ion Automotive Batteries With Widest 65V Input


Texas Instruments today introduced an innovative DC/DC converter designed to significantly reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and high-frequency noise in high-voltage DC/DC step-down applications such as automotive infotainment and high-end cluster power-supply systems.

The LM5140-Q1 controller is a 2.2-MHz, dual-channel synchronous buck converter which includes dual outputs with phase interleaving and is offered in wettable flank packaging that speeds manufacturing.

Key benefits of the chip include a wide 3.8V to 65V input operating voltage to handle start-stop and load-dump conditions for 12-V/24-V lead-acid and emerging 48-V Lithium-ion automotive batteries. The chip operates at 2.2-MHz which moves switching noise above the sensitive AM band eliminating the need for frequency hopping.

The controller reduces EMI emissions by up to 10 dB with less than a 1 percent reduction in efficiency, which reduces external EMI filtering, saves printed circuit board (PCB) area, and simplifies compliance with CISPR 25 automotive EMI requirements.

Additional benefits include a low 35-uA current in standby mode which extends battery life in ‘always on’ applications. Designers can leverage TI’s WEBENCH Automotive Design tool to speed automotive designs with the LM5140-Q1.

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