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Fan Motor Driver Achieves High-Efficiency With Minimal Noise

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Fan Motor Driver Achieves High-Efficiency With Minimal Noise

Toshiba has announced an efficient three-phase brushless motor driver chip optimised for use in small fan motors found in home appliances and industrial equipment that require high-energy efficiency with minimal noise generation.

Maintaining high efficiency over a wide rotational speed range (from almost zero rpm at start-up to high speeds of several 1000rpm) takes time and requires many parts for phase adjustment. The TC78B016FTG achieves high efficiency and minimal noise at a wide range of rotational speeds without any need for complicated phase adjustment.

The innovative chip reduces development times by an automatic phase adjustment feature which requires a simple configuration. This eliminates the need of creating software for the MCU to adjust the phase of the motor voltage and the motor current.

The new chip is housed in a compact WQFN36 package, measuring just 5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm. Mass production is scheduled to commence in early 2016.

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