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Panel Mounted Analog Timers For Industrial Automation

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Panel Mounted Analog Timers For Industrial Automation

SHAVISON recently launched 48 x 48mm panel mounted timers in its analog timer series intended for industrial automation. Timers available in this series basically have two operating modes: On Delay/Interval and Cyclic on first or off first.

On Delay/Interval timers are available in four different supply voltage and time ranges: On Delay/Interval (60 Min, 230VAC), On Delay/Interval (60 Min & 230VAC/110VAC/24VAC/24VDC), On Delay/Interval (30 Hrs, 230VAC) and On Delay/Interval (30 Hrs, Universal supply voltage).

The timers feature an LED status indicator for power on and relay on conditions and a maximum power consumption of 6VA. All timers have setting accuracy of +/- 5 per cent at full scale and repeat accuracy of +/-0.5 per cent or 50ms. Reset time is less than 100ms.

The timers have a IP40 protection level for housing and IP20 for terminals. The devices are manufactured with high reliability having DIP switches on front for easy access.

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