Surface Mount TVS Diodes Offer Highest Power Rating In A Compact Package


Littelfuse has introduced two new series of TVS Diodes, the LTKAK6 and LTKAK10 Series, designed to offer clamping characteristics superior to those of standard silicon avalanche diode (SAD) technologies.

Typical applications for the LTKAK6 and LTKAK10 Series TVS Diodes include transient overvoltage protection for cell phone base stations, industrial transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSSs), railway (railroad) trackside signaling and control cabinets, defense and avionics and power grid and distribution systems.

The series offers superior performance by using Littelfuse’s Foldbak technology, which provides a clamping voltage lower than the avalanche voltage but above the rated working voltage. As a result, any voltage rise due to increased current conduction is minimised.

Both products can be connected in series and/or parallel to create a variety of flexible protection solutions. They provide the same enhanced quality, easy manufacturing and compact mechanical design found in the company’s AK Series TVS Diode families.

“The LTKAK6 and LTKAK10 Series are the circuit protection industry’s first true surface mount high power TVS Diodes,” said Jeff Chin, product line director for the TVS Diodes line. “They offer better voltage clamping performance and higher speed than other solutions used in these applications, such as metal oxide varistors (MOVs).”

The LTKAK6 and LTKAK10 Series TVS Diodes offer numerous benefits. Their innovative package design offers the highest power rating (8×20µs waveform) among surface mount TVS available in current market. Further, as the devices can withstand multiple surge events, they will help equipment manufacturers extend their product warranties because, unlike passive MOVs, these semiconductor TVS diodes do not wear out, which makes them ideal for protecting valuable loads.

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Packed in a surface mount SMTO-218 package, the devices allow circuit designers to save even more circuit board space. This surface mount package is ideal for automatic pick and place assembly and reflow processes, allowing for a lower-manufacturing cost and greater soldering quality than axial leads packages.

In addition, these TVS Diodes are certified, environment-friendly and suitable for worldwide usage that can help designers meet global regulatory standards.


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