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Designing Bluetooth Speakers Made Easy

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Designing Bluetooth Speakers Made Easy

Bluetooth speakers are great and can connect wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth device. If you want to take your tunes on-the-go and want to design your own Bluetooth speakers, take a look at these reference designs with complete documentation:-

  • Low-cost Bluetooth Speakers based on MSP430: This reference design enables development of low cost and low-power Bluetooth audio such as speakers and toys. The design centers on Bluetooth controller CC2564 with low-energy features, good output power and best Bluetooth performance. The TI Bluetooth stack is available with the low-cost, low-power MSP430F5229 microcontroller used in the design which enables easy development of software. This reference design comes with design files. More on this Reference Design
  • Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Audio System for Outdoor Use: This reference design describes a simple and low-cost wireless Bluetooth stereo audio system for outdoor use. The system can be controlled either with a handset that has a Bluetooth connection and a music player, or with an Apple iPod. The Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth stereo headset used in this design has a 3.5mm audio connector, making it very easy to take audio signals from a headset’s PCB and feed signals to the stereo audio amplifier. The audio signal from a Bluetooth headset is connected to an external stereo audio (Class D) amplifier to amplify the signal, to drive two 4 ohm speakers. The system has 20WRMS output power. More on this Reference Design

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