Ultra-fast Comparators For High Speed Data Acquisition System


Linear Technology has recently unveiled its latest high speed comparator, to address the most challenging high speed applications for data acquisition, clock and data recovery and line receiving.

According to the press release, the LTC6754 is a high speed rail-to-rail comparator with LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) compatible outputs. LVDS is a technical standard that specifies electrical characteristics of a differential, serial communications protocol. LVDS operates at low power and can run at very high speeds using inexpensive twisted-pair copper cables.

Referring to the release, “The LTC6754 exhibits 1.8ns of propagation delay, only 1ns of dispersion (10mV to 125mV overdrive) and a toggle rate up to 890Mbps. The LTC6754 has rail-to-rail inputs, and will operate from a 2.4V to 5.25V supply. In shutdown mode, power is reduced from 13.4mA to under 1.1mA, and the comparator can wake up in 120ns. The LTC6754 includes 4.5mV of hysteresis to minimise instability.”

Adding further, the LTC6754 family is offered in the SC70 package and a 12­lead 3mm x 3mm QFN package. Both versions are offered in two temperature ranges: ­40°C to 85°C and ­40°C to 125°C.

As mentioned in the company release, both are in full production and the price starts from US$ 1.93 each, in 1000 piece quantities.

Sub-1mm2 Comparator For Space-constrained Applications


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