New OBD Antenna for Optimum Vehicle Performance


Antenova has designed a model that integrates RF and GNSS antennas into vehicle On Board Devices (OBD) and vehicle telematics for optimum performance. OBD is an electronic device attached to a commercial motor vehicle which is used to record the amount of time the vehicle is being driven.

According to the news release, “The OBD design uses three new antennas inside an OBD housing to link to a satellite (GNSS), Bluetooth and a terrestrial network. The Armata 3G FPC antenna for penta-band frequencies which operates at 824-960MHz and 1710-2170MHz, a GNSS antenna named Bentoni operating at 1559 – 1609MHZ, and the tiny Weii PCB-mounted antenna which provides a Bluetooth connection at 2.4GHZ.”

Adding further the release mentions, “The design also features a brand new small GNSS RF module to fix location. In addition to this, the model uses the latest MediaTek chipset with an additional LNA to give added performance when mounted under dashboards and out of line of sight with the sky.”

Antenova’s designers recently introduced the concept of Design For Integration (DFI), which considers how the RF antenna will operate when it is embedded with a manufacturer’s product, as mentioned in the press release.

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