One Cable To Replace Multiple Cables In An Equipment


Designers can deliver end equipment that frees consumers from needing multiple cables for various types of USB ports with the new USB Type-C products from TI. The all-in-one USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery (PD) controller from TI integrates a port power switch and port data multiplexer as mentioned in the release.

According to the press release, each of the new TI devices meets USB Type-C Specification 1.1. TI delivers the most complete host and peripheral solutions, with the performance and tools to bring USB Type-C products to market faster. The USB Type-C exhibits features such as single USB PD controller delivers power and data in multiple modes, super-speed switch transfers video data at low power and USB Type-C CC logic that allows designers the flexibility to use these devices in multiple USB-enabled designs.


Adding further the release mentions, “The USB PD controller (TPS65982) is the only IC available that provides the full power path, operating as a single or dual-role Port and enabling a variety of host and device power implementations. The HD3SS460 is a USB Type-C cross-point switch can support data rates up to 5.4Gbps while offering standby power of 40µW – more than 50 per cent lower than competitive offerings to extend battery life.”

The TPS65982 is available in a 6mm x 6mm MicroStar Junior ball-grid array (BGA) package for USD US$ 4.99 while the HD3SS460 is available in a 3.5mm x5.5mm quad flat no-lead (QFN) package for US$ 1.55 and the TUSB320 is available in a 1.6mm-by-1.6mm QFN package for US$ 0.95. All pricing is in 1000-unit quantities according to the company release.


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